Students learn importance of staying tobacco-free

Students learn importance of staying tobacco-free

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Students in Jackson County learned to reject all tobacco at one school on Thursday. The message was being relayed through performance.

The folks with RAT, or Reject All Tobacco, took to the stage at Saint Martin North Elementary School.

This program takes place statewide with a performance group of guys and girls spreading the message of the dangers of tobacco in an exciting way.

Organizers hope this effort will produce multiple results.

"We do this for K-6 grade because, number one, it's our hope that they never try tobacco when it's offered to them," said Sara Johnson with RAT. "Number two, we want them to teach up. We know that they have parents and grandparents and older brothers and sisters who probably use tobacco products. We hope that they will go to them and say, I went to a program at school today and learned about what those things do to your body and I really want you to quit."

The Mississippi Department of Health funds the RAT program.

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