Pass High students travel to La. to cheer on different football team

Pass High students travel to La. to cheer on different football team

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - On Thursday night, football players from a Louisiana school that flooded in August returned to their home field for the first time.

Among those cheering them on - Pass Christian students who understand football can be a rallying force after a devastating disaster.

"In 2005, when we got taken out by Katrina....we had our community come together and for the football team," said Havierre Alexander, who plays corner back for the Pass High Pirates football team.

When the team learned Springfield High School in Louisiana was heavily damaged by flood waters in August, they immediately collected relief supplies and $4,000 in cash and delivered the donations to the school.

"It felt good. I felt like I was there for them and I was there to help," said Pass Christian High Cheerleader Ty Trochesset.

Since the flood, the Springfield Bulldogs have had to play football at other schools. On Thursday night, they finally got a chance to play their first game at home, and about 130 Pass High students and teachers were in the stands rooting for them.

The Bulldogs need that encouragement more than ever. A few weeks ago, one of their cheerleaders died in a tragic car accident.

"It kind of like hit me I guess," said Ty.

Some Pass High students made posters, others created a card with uplifting messages.

"I wrote 'May God be with you every step of the way.' Everybody pretty much signed their names to show support for the cheerleaders," said Elizabeth Lafontaine, a member of the Pass High Fellowship Christian Athletes.

"To go up there and see how they're feeling and talking to them and letting them know, we're all lending a hand for them. We're a long ways away, but we're there for them if they need us," said Pass High Cheerleader Macey Ainsworth.

They are proud Pirates, but on Thursday, they were all Bulldogs.

"We'll be cheering for the Bulldogs. We'll bring a little Pirate spirit down to the Bulldogs," said Havierre.

The Bulldogs took on the St. Helena Hawks at 7 p.m. The support for Springfield High won't end there, because Pass High has adopted the school.

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