Moss Point hosts Cruisin' for the first time

Moss Point hosts Cruisin' for the first time

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - For the first time in the event's 20 year history, Moss Point joined the ranks of Cruisin' the Coast venues this year. And the response was high octane.

There was music. There were choo choo trains. And cars, lots and lots of classic cars.  This was a huge step forward for Moss Point.

Chadwick Smith is the city parks and recreation director. "This is the biggest block party in the country and for us to be a part of it is just enormous," Smith exclaimed.

And the river city has something special to offer the out of town guests, according to Economic Development Director Sue Wright.

"The walkability, the ability to socialize more and the cruisers to visit with old friends, walk to the Audubon Center, Moss Point is the epicenter of nature based tourism," Wright explained.

At Burnham Drugs, Cruisers drop a few bucks on breakfast. Many said they liked the old timey feel of the diner.

"The venue just really brings it home to the cruisers. We love the 50s and 60s look to it and it just makes it special," said Wendy Ragle of Texas.

The view of the river caught the eye of many cruisers, including Texan Eddie Stallings.

"Oh, it's beautiful here. There's cars, the area is nice, you got the water. It's really pretty," Stallings said. "We're from Amarillo, Texas and there's nothing there but flat ground, no trees, no nothing."

No matter what the venue, Bay St. Louis or Moss Point, wherever the cruisers go, they bring business. Just ask the folks across the street in Moss Point, including flower shop owner Sandy Hillman

"We need all the people down here we can get. All the new cruisers. Let's hope they come back every year," Hillman said.

And judging by the feelings of cruisers from the Lone Star state, that won't be a problem.

"It makes it real peaceful and real inviting, real friendly.  It's a lot different than Texas," Tom Wright said.

Moss Point city leaders say after seeing the success of this first time Cruisin' event, they plan on bringing it back every year.  At last count, more than 500 registered cars showed up in the river city.

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