Ghostbusters car makes a splash at Pascagoula Cruisin'

Ghostbusters car makes a splash at Pascagoula Cruisin'
In addition to the Ghostbuster's car, Scott also brought an additional hearse. (Photo source: WLOX News Now)

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - More than 500 cars packed Beach Park in Pascagoula on Sunday for the opening event of Cruisin' The Coast.

The annual festivities are centered around who has the coolest ride, and there was one whip that had everyone talking.

"This is a '74 Cadillac Miller Meteor," said Jacob Scott.

Scott's ride Ghostbusters themed; fully equipped with lights, a proton pack, and the Ghostbusters suit.

"You know, I wanted a head-turner. But so far it's been a show stopper," Scott said.

Spectators gathered around Scott's ride - snapping pictures in awe of the silver screen replica that mimics even the smallest details of the original car.

"I come to Cruisin' every year, I just haven't been fortunate to enter a car," Scott said. "I wanted a car that was different. While I was searching the internet Ghostbusters comes on and I'm like I gotta do that," Scott said.

Although a few years younger that the '59 used in the movies, Scott went to great lengths to get his ride up to par.

"I drove to Tennessee, found the car, back down, and started construction from February to July to get the car road worthy," Scott said.

The Ghostbusters whip may be getting all of the attention, but it's not the only car Scott brought to the Coast.

"It was suppose to be the Ghostbusters car, but I just could not paint it," Scott said of his second hearse.

Scott says Pascagoula's Cruisin' was a great way to kick start his week of fun.

"From being a spectator and not having good parking, I get to pull in here and grill and chill with the best of them," he said.

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