'Princess Diana' arrested for shoplifting at Edgewater Mall

'Princess Diana' arrested for shoplifting at Edgewater Mall

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - A woman, who told police her name was Princess Diana, was arrested in Biloxi Wednesday. Police said Elizabeth Dionee Franklin, 34, of Mobile County, Ala., and two other women stole several pieces of merchandise from Belk's in Edgewater Mall.

Lt. Chris DeBack said the trio took off in a car but police caught up with them shortly after and found the stolen items.

Investigators report Franklin gave officers the wrong name when she was being booked at the Harrison County Adult Detention Center. She reportedly told them her name was Princess Diana Franklin.

But the jail's retina scan system revealed her true identity. After that, police discovered Franklin was wanted in Baldwin County, Ala., on a larceny charge and in Mobile County, Ala., for failure to appear on several charges consisting of leaving the scene of an accident with injuries, assault, theft of property and criminal mischief.

Both counties were notified of her arrest and placed a hold on her pending extradition.

Franklin's bond for the felony shoplifting remained $25,000.00 as originally set by Justice Court Judge Albert Fountain.

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