St. Martin senior uses homecoming to combat sexism

St. Martin senior uses homecoming to combat sexism
St. Martin HS senior Savanna LeBron says she's standing up against sexism at her homecoming this Friday. (Photo source: WLOX)

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Homecoming season is here, and one St. Martin High School senior is using the homecoming court to tackle an issue she says is reinforced by tradition.

"I'm giving my ego a restraining order for the night, because I think that this is more important than how people are going to talk about me," said senior Savanna LeBron.

She's gearing up for a big night. This Friday she'll be on the homecoming court, but she's using the platform to make an even bigger statement.

"Friday night I'll walk onto the field in a dress that's not form fitting at all, it's a white dress, it's not very flattering, but that the whole point of it," LeBron said.

She says she's also gonna skip out on the make up.

"My hair will probably be tied up in a bun," she added.

The reason she's doing this? To combat what she calls the sexualization and objectification of women by this high school tradition.

"We're put on display for the audience that's how it's objectifying us," Lebron said. "Who's the most pretty who's the most gorgeous, who's the most likeable girl"

Schoolmates vote for who serves on the court, and the football team decides who is crowned as "queen."

"When I was on it last year, I just realized that it really is kind of a weird tradition," LeBron said.

She participated traditionally during her first rodeo on the court. She said that's what opened her eyes to a larger issue.

"I realized that it was something they we impose only on girls that they need this validation from society," she said.

LeBron says that's sending the wrong message, and she wants to see the tradition evolve.

"It subsequently puts down the girls who aren't elected onto the court - who aren't the popular girls, you know?" she said. "I think one resolution is to have a gender neutral court instead of one that is exclusive only to girls."

And she's hoping by making a stance she can be catalyst for a change.

Administrators at St. Martin approved a message about Lebron's movement to be read when she's introduced at the game.
she's calling her stance #Iammorethanjustaprettyface.

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