Union Workers Ready for Shift Vote at Northrop Grumman

Wednesday members of the Metal Trade's Union will decide whether pipefitters and other members of that union at Northrop-Grumman, will continue working four, 10-hour shifts each week or switch back to five, eight-hour workdays.

Since November almost all of the workers at Northrop Grumman have been working 10-hour work days four days a week. Elizabeth Barnard's husband is one of them. She says she likes his schedule. "We love it. It's been great for us. We have a three-day weekend, my husband does, so when the summer comes, I'll have the three day weekend with him, you know, so we really like it a lot. We're building a house, and it comes in real handy for us, and when we're finished it will be time that we can spend together," Barnard said.

Greg Smith and other members of the metal trades union will be casting their ballots on Wednesday A day before the vote, Smith shared the feedback he got from fellow workers at lunch time. "A lot of people are wanting to go back to five 8's, but I prefer 4 10's simply because you got an extra day off out of the heat," Smith said.

Pipefitter Aleida Leal says she also wants to continue working the four-day, 10-hour shifts because the shorter work week cuts down the cost of commuting to work. "The gas is pretty expensive right now, so if we go on, what is it, four tens, we could save on gas, especially for those who drive from far away," Leal said.

The vote is Wednesday at the Metal Trades Union Hall in Pascagoula.