Temporary air conditioning fix on the way for East Hancock Elementary

Temporary air conditioning fix on the way for East Hancock Elementary

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - The Hancock County School District is working right now to keep students and teachers at East Hancock Elementary cool. Several concerned parents contacted us this week asking about problems with the school's air conditioning.

Several parents said the air conditioning has been out for several days, and teachers were using fans to keep their students cool.

Superintendent Alan Dedeaux said the district is working right now to install portable air conditioning units at the school. He hopes to have those units in place by mid-morning.

Dedeaux said a permanent solution is also in the works.

East Hancock Elementary was built in 2000, and the air conditioning units used to cool the building have not been changed since.

"For some reason, the coolant tower pump went down. Some kind of electrical failure," said facilities manager Brian Williams. "We used water source condensers and compressors won't stand not having any water. We lost quite a few compressors, and we will replace them with new units instead of repairing, so we have ordered the temporaries to give the children a good education."

Dedeaux said he is meeting with an engineer Thursday to work out a route for the new units. In the meantime, they will work to repair the old unit.

Dedeaux said the district must follow this process because it is required by purchasing laws, and he wants to do things the right way. Williams said the new air conditioning system will cost about $30,000.

Dedeaux said the school district is working to find a time when the school won't have to be shut down to remove the old units and install new ones.

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