New Proposal Would Spread Out Biloxi Tuition Hike For Woolmarket Residents

A tuition relief proposal by Biloxi's school superintendent should please some Woolmarket residents.

Tuesday night, Superintendent Paul Tisdale recommended spreading out a proposed tuition hike over three years instead of two.

In his plan, Woolmarket students would pay $1,000 next year to attend Biloxi Public Schools. All other out of city students would pay $1,200.

Then in the 06'-07' school year, Woolmarket students would pay $2,000, with out of city students paying $2,400.

And in the 07'-08' school year, students in the annexed area would pay $3,000 with all out of city students paying $3,600.

In March, the school board proposed a rather large tuition hike for students in the annexed Woolmarket area.

Families who were paying just $600 per child each year would instead have to pay $2,000 next year and $4,000 every year after. That proposal did not sit well with Woolmarket parents.

Tisdale says the new proposal is 16% percent less than the original plan.