Charities Having To Cope With Recent Layoffs Too

Lunch time is always busy at Our Daily Bread soup kitchen, but managers here say they're already seeing some effects from recent lay-offs.

"We have already seen a rise in the number of folks coming in here to eat lunch," Our Daily Bread worker Serana Bouzemann said.

Our Daily Bread and other charity organizations in Jackson County depend on donations of time and money from major business like International Paper to provide meals to the public. Right now, they're not sure how much their budgets are going to suffer.

"This is going to be a blow for us and many other non profit agencies in the community," Pam Tanner with the American Red Cross said.

The Red Cross is seeing an immediate increase in needy folks but a possible decrease in the money needed to help them. But more than just money is being lost. Tanner says the Red Cross is also losing their volunteers until they can find new jobs.

"We're seeing it effect us in a major way. We are losing some of our oldest and dearest dearest friends and supporters for many, many years," she said.

Most charities say this year's budget was set before all of the lay-offs and shut downs. But they know next year's budget will have to include new sources of money to make for up this year's loses.