Capital Murder Suspect's Preliminary Hearing Postponed

Jacob Sigalas' family is learning the wheels of justice turn slowly. A judge on Monday granted a continuance for the man accused of killing the 14-year-old Pascagoula boy.

The teen's body was discovered in a shallow grave near the old Pine Island Golf Course in Gulf Park Estates in March, about three weeks after he disappeared.

"I miss him. I have to go by there. Sure, it hurts," says Sigalas mother Sonya Bartholomew.

Bartholomew had hoped the preliminary hearing for Lesley Cruise would bring her some answers about why her son's body was dumped in the woods in March. Cruise's attorney asked that the hearing be postponed.

"I didn't want a continuance," says Bartholomew. "I wanted to find out some evidence. I know nothing. I know nothing at all. I want to know what happened to him."

Bartholomew believes Leslie Cruise is the only person who can answer her questions.

An autopsy found the boy died of alcohol poisoning. Since Cruise is charged with sexual battery, there are other awful unanswered questions.

"He didn't just take my son, he took a lot of me away," says Bartholomew. "He ruined my life and my child."

As difficult as it may be, Bartholomew says she'll be back in court on June 13th for Cruise's preliminary hearing. It's just three days after what would have been Jacob Sigalas' 15th birthday.

by Josh Ridgdell