Phone scams targeting residents in Moss Point

Phone scams targeting residents in Moss Point

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Two phone scams have been targeting residents in Moss Point over the past week, according to Interim Police Chief Brandon Ashley. He said his department has received an increase of reports on these phone scams since Sept. 15.

Ashley said one scam involves callers claiming to be with the IRS, and the other involves scammers claiming to be Microsoft employees.

According to Ashley, callers claiming to be with the IRS threaten their targets with arrest because of back taxes. He said the callers use a forceful tone to intimidate residents.

Ashley said most of these calls will be from out of state numbers. The IRS does not call to threaten arrest for back taxes.

With the Microsoft scam, Ashley said callers identify themselves as employees monitoring computer issues or viruses on the target's computer. The caller instructs residents to allow remote access to their computer to make repairs.

Ashley said scammers can use remote access to steal passwords, hard drive files, and bank account information. The scammer can also upload viruses that track computer activity and collect personal information.

If you receive any calls that match these descriptions, hang up and call police. Ashley said residents can contact Cmdr. Stacey Deans at 228-474-4103.

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