Action Report: Gulfport raw sewage problem will cost the city $250,000

Action Report: Gulfport raw sewage problem will cost the city $250,000

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Imagine waking up to sewage in your bathtub. That's exactly what some people in a Gulfport neighborhood say has been going on for three years.

Residents listen to generators pumping sewage through temporary lines running across their streets and driveways. On windy days, the smell of raw sewage permeates through the air. Lakeenaya Spann wants the city to fix the problem.

"It's unsanitary, It's unsafe," Spann said. "I've had sewage backup. My neighbor has had sewage backup. It's just been a headache."

So what would she like to city to do?

"I want to see if fixed and fast," stated Spann.

Another woman didn't what to show her face or release her name, but she showed us pictures she had taken of raw sewage backups in her home. She's worried about the health of children in the neighborhood.

"Yesterday morning I woke up and both tubs, both toilets were full of sewage," she said. "It's disgusting. Like the tub was halfway full with poop."

Neighbors say calls to the city and landlords have brought no results. But the day after I talked to neighbors and starting calling Gulfport officials for answers, city contractors were on the site.

I talked with Knowles Construction foreman Steven Palode, whose company was hired to fix work that wasn't done by another company.

"We're actually putting in sewer lines on 38th Street and 35th Street. Basically repairing it," Palode said.

Was the work done by the previous company done incorrectly?

"I wouldn't say it was done incorrectly, it wasn't finished," stated Palode.

Gulfport City engineer Jeremy Harrison confirmed the previous company on the job failed to finish the project.

"Yes, we did have a contractor on it before who we asked to leave that site, "said Harrison.

For neighbors sick of seeing and smelling raw sewage in their homes, the repair crews are a welcome sight.

Palode expected to finish doing his phase of the project by Thursday afternoon. But what about those temporary sewer lines?

"Those have to stay in until they get to the next phase," Palode said.

Since the new contractor must redo what the other company failed to complete, Gulfport Director of Public Works Wayne Miller said it will cost the city $250,000.

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