Flood Relief Coming Soon to Petit Bois Residents

For years flooding has plagued residents in the Petit Bois area, including the subdivisions of Rue Palavox and the Enclave, as well as the Lexington and Pass Point Apartments.

Biloxi Councilman Tom Wall says relief is in sight, thanks to a $920,000 drainage project now underway.

All of the rain water in the Petit Bois area drains into this weed-infested ditch that winds just South of the Enclave subdivision, but city officials say flooding should no longer be a problem once the project is completed.

"We're going to have it piped," Councilman Wall said. "We're going to have a swell on top of that, so that if the pipe gets full, you still have a place for the water to go to its destination."

The concrete piping is expected to be laid out within the next six months as the first phase of the project wraps up, then work will begin on the second phase of the project.

Until then, residents will have to keep an eye out for heavy rains.

Councilman Wall says the flood problems stem from decisions the city made years ago, decisions that have provided a very costly lesson to the city and the residents who live in the area.

Councilman Wall said, " It's always been my contention that we should never allow a development like this with ditches for drainage. It should be piped and concreted drainage systems...but as I told you, in the past we were so anxious for development, we weren't so particular about what we allowed developers to do. Now we're much more stringent, strict."

The project began about three weeks ago.

No road closures are planned as a result of this work and a temporary roadway to the job site has been built to reduce the number of construction vehicles traveling through neighborhoods in the area.