Deputies following school threats: 'This isn't a game'

Deputies following school threats: 'This isn't a game'
Authorities want students to know that the threats are not a game. (Photo source: WLOX News)

ST. MARTIN, MS (WLOX) - Police are searching for the person responsible for a bomb threat that sent students at St. Martin Middle School out of class for the second time in one week.

Investigators believe the same person may have made both threats.

"It's just ridiculous, I'm up to here with it," said parent Nicole Redd.

Redd is one of many parents concerned after two consecutive days of bomb threats.

"We send our kids to school to get an education, not to feel threatened by any bombs or shootings," Redd said.

The school went on lockdown after a threatening note was found in a bathroom, almost identical to Tuesday.

"I mean, with everything going on in the world, you know its getting crazy. I can't even comprehend it. Just, panic sets in," said parent Patricia Miller.

Classes were disrupted, learning halted, and students panicked as the Jackson County Sheriff's Department swept the campus.

"I kinda got nervous, I didn't know what to do," said eighth grader Ciara Redd.

Ciara wasn't the only student who was scared.

"I know my son is feeling a little uneasy about it, and I was talking to him yesterday and he was saying how it scares him," said Miller.

Administrators and law enforcement alike want kids to know what they may see as a harmless prank has heavy consequences.

"Don't do it. This isn't a joke, this isn't a prank, this isn't a game. You're going to jail," said Jackson County Lt. Jeff Smith.

And that's just on the criminal side. The culprit could also be expelled from school.

"This is a learning environment where we hope to shape the minds of young people. This is not the place for this sort of thing," Smith added.

The sheriff's department says the impact goes well beyond the classroom.

"It binds up the system, ties up deputies and officers, and puts us in a state of emergency," said Smith.

Investigators say they have solid leads and are confident they'll soon find out who's to blame. Crime Stoppers is offering a $500 reward to anyone with information leading to the felony arrest of the person responsible.

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