Biloxi aiming to keep sand off Hwy. 90

Biloxi aiming to keep sand off Hwy. 90

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Crews have been working hard for the past month to remove the pesky sand from Highway 90 in Biloxi.

Workers from Biloxi's Parks and Recreation Department, as well as the Public Works Department, have been tasked with the job just in time for thousands of cruisers to descend on South Mississippi.

City of Biloxi spokesperson Vincent Creel says Mayor Fofo Gilich made the call to take the lead on clearing the highway because it is a reflection of the city as a whole.

"One thing we're not doing is getting wrapped up in who's responsible - is it MDOT, is it the county, is it the city. The mayor thinks that when people are driving this highway in Biloxi, they think Biloxi," Creel said.

Drivers say the plan to keep sand off the roadway won't just help the look of the Coast, but also the safety and efficiency of traffic. Moss Point resident Margaret Hester, who drives the highway regularly, says it will make the drive more manageable.

"I think it's good for safety in the city. It will help with traffic accidents, and the flow of traffic," Hester said.

While no extra money is being spent on clearing the highway, the city has spent nearly $60,000 in the past month on the project. But, Creel says, it doesn't just stop with clearing the sand.

Mayor Gilich is calling on Biloxi business owners and residents to do their part in keeping the city beautiful by picking up in front of their homes and businesses.

Sand removal operations are expected to take place three to four times a year as needed.

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