Biloxi Bomb Squad ready to take action in wake of bombing

Biloxi Bomb Squad ready to take action in wake of bombing

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - As the clock ticks, Biloxi Bomb squad members are the last to break a sweat.

"We respond to suspicious packages. The first thought is, are there any civilians around the package? We want to clear out anyone near to make sure they're safe. When we respond to a scene, civilian life is the most important," said Sgt. Michael Brennan of the Biloxi Police Department.

From checking suspicious packages to cutting wires to diffuse bombs, these guys do it all. That's something coast residents can appreciate, especially when homemade bombs are showing up in other parts of America. Sgt. Brennan said terrorists always seek out heavily populated areas, and high profile targets. He said Mississippi's casinos fit that bill.

In an effort to keep members of the Biloxi Bomb Squad safe, robots are the first to tackle a suspicious package or as bomb scare.

"We have a rule where we say we start remote and stay remote, which means we start with the robot and we use it as much as possible before we actually go down and deal with the package we're dealing with," said Sgt. Brennan.

If and when an officer is needed, the team will then decide the appropriate measure to be taken.

"It's one of the best units that I think we have at the police department here, and the training is probably some of the foremost training that we get anywhere in the nation," said Officer Doug DeGeorge of the Biloxi Police Department.

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