Residents react to leaked convo between Diamondhead officials

Residents react to leaked convo between Diamondhead officials

Residents who listened to a recorded conversation between Diamondhead city officials are reacting after hearing what the men had to say.

The phone conversation surfaced soon after it was announced that the city was undergoing a performance audit. City manager Clovis Reed requested the audit to look into operations of the city government; specifically of Mayor Tommy Schafer.

However, many feel the taped conversation says more about Reed's character than the mayor's.

"I question the wisdom quite frankly of Mr. Reed, taping the telephone conversation and then making it public," said resident Dr. Gordon Walker.

Resident Shari Miller added, "For someone to tape a conversation, hold it in their back pocket and then display it in the manor it was displayed, shows questionable character and judgment at best."

In a screenshot provided to WLOX News Now by a resident, several Facebook posts on the "Residents of Diamondhead" page echo the sentiments.

One person wrote, "I feel the city manager baited the mayor for the sole purpose of recording Schafer's meltdown."

Dr. Gordon Walker thinks that the issue is seeded in how the government is set up. Currently in Diamondhead, the appointment city manager holds more power than the elected mayor.

"If you look at other cities along the Coast you have Biloxi with a strong mayor, seems to work great. Gulfport, works great. Long Beach, Pass Christian," Walker said.

The performance audit is complete, and results are expected to be released in a few months.

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