Long Beach Students Honor Military Heroes

The children at Quarles Elementary showed off their patriotic colors as they sang the Star-Spangled Banner. They also raised their voices to give thanks.

One students said "They travel the world to fight for us. I can't thank you enough".

One by one, the students stood up. One student said "My dad's name is Dan Mitchell. He's in the Seabee".

They honored their moms and dads, who often serve in harm's way.

A girl said "When he was in Iraq, he almost got hit by a rocket. This is the award I'm going to give my dad".

A boy said "This is the award I would like to give him, but he's not here right now. He's in Kuwait".

In return, the school received a special gift -- a flag that flew over Camp Fallujah in Iraq. Chief Petty Officer Law said "This is in appreciation for what all you teachers do. You're our extended parents while we're gone".

Whether they're serving overseas, or wearing the uniform proudly here at home, the soldiers have a special place in these children's hearts.

The class sang "Everyday, there are heroes just like you and me. Everyday, there are heroes who are never meant to be".

The school also held an essay contest. The winners from each grade had the honor of reading their essays to representatives from all branches from the military.

By: Trang Pham-Bui