Hancock Co. students deliver relief to Denham Springs students

Hancock Co. students deliver relief to Denham Springs students

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Gifts from Hancock County arrived just in time to help a flooded school in Louisiana. On Friday, the Beta Club from Hancock Middle School delivered donations to hundreds of students in Denham Springs.

Students packed up pencils, paper and pouches for a two-hour road trip to Louisiana. The club started a school supply drive right after Labor Day.

"We wanted to help the flood victims because such a devastating thing happened to them and we're trying to help their schools get back up and running," said Stephanie Austin.

The students collected about 1,600 items in two weeks. They were looking for a school to receive their gifts and as the relief drive was wrapping up, they found the perfect one.

"During the second week of our drive, we actually had one of our sixth grade students, a female student, transfer to Southside Jr. High School in Denham Springs. I went on the website to find out if that school had a Beta Club and it did," said Beta Club Sponsor Dr. Chad Davis.

After a few phone calls, both schools developed a personal connection.

"We're a family here at Hancock Middle School, and once you're a Hawk, you're always a Hawk," said Davis.

The donations will come in handy, since about 500 students at Southside Junior High just returned to class. For now, they are attending school on another campus.

"I think it's amazing that we have so many students on board with this opportunity to help out a different school," said Stephanie.

They not only delivered donations, but also a message of hope to young people who have lost so much.

"I hope you enjoy it. We hope you use it well. We hope you can remain strong as a community, as a school, and we'll back you up," said Eddie.

The Beta Club at Southside will distribute the supplies to students in need.

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