Kemper plant closer to 'full operation'

Kemper plant closer to 'full operation'

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Mississippi Power's Kemper County lignite plant hit a milestone this week that its parent company's CEO says, "moves the facility closer toward full operation."

The Kemper plant produced syngas through a second gasifier.

So you understand, Mississippi Power built Kemper County with this goal in mind.  The plant creates syngas by turning lignite coal mined from that region into gas. The gas produces electricity through a series of combustion turbines.

Mississippi Power CEO Anthony Wilson says, "This is another exciting step toward commercial operation of Kemper."

The current plan is for the Kemper County lignite plant to be fully operational by the end of October.  That's a significant amount of time behind its original completion date. The facility's construction costs are also billions of dollars above original projections. The most recent report by Mississippi Power says the price tag to build the Kemper County plant is now at $6.8 billion.

Southern Company CEO Thomas Fanning says the investment will pay dividends. "The technology being deployed at the Kemper County energy facility is tremendously important and highlights the benefits of 21st century coal as part of the full portfolio of energy resources."

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