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Beauvoir Officials Meet With Firm Designing Botanical Gardens

Could Beauvoir be home to a spectacular botanical garden? It will be, if its Board of Directors has anything to do with it.

A landscape architectural firm out of Pennsylvania spent the last two days at Beauvoir, and liked what it saw. Landscape architects Marshall Tyler Rausch has been commissioned by Beauvoir to study the site. The firm has designed some of the top botanical gardens in the country.

The firm's lead architect, Jeff Rausch,says when he looks at Beauvoir, he sees incredible potential.

''People here are so fortunate to have a jewel already, what will happen is we will put a polish on it and add some color to it, so it is a spectacular opportunity for the community," Rausch said.

The work is in its very preliminary stages and this two day visit was a way the lay the groundwork. Beauvoir actually covers 52 acres, the plans could include some type of botanical garden on all that land, its too early to know for sure, but one thing is certain.

"It is going to be a major project, no doubt about that. We think it will fulfill a number of things for the Gulf Coast," Beauvoir Director Robert Hawkins says.

But major projects don't come cheap. Hawkins says preliminary estimates are in the range of at least $4 to $5 million, and fund raising will begin soon. Hawkins says the board at Beauvoir is convinced this is a project that will become a reality.

"We did not want to do it unless first class, first class or nothing at all, and the people involved we are sure we can get it done."

By Jeff Lawson

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