Boy Scouts honor victims of 9/11 attacks

Boy Scouts honor victims of 9/11 attacks

HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX/AP) - Sept. 11 is the anniversary of a unfortunate day in American history.

"It reminds me of all the sacrifices that have been made to this country," said Boy Scout Thomas Tansey. "There are people out there that don't like us, but sometimes you have to deal with it."

Area scouts are honoring 9/11 victims in a very special way, retiring old American flags by way of fire.

"The importance of this is to remember what our flag stood for, or what it stands for, and not to forget that this emblem is our freedom. It's a symbol of freedom, but nevertheless, it is our freedom," said Scoutmaster, David Jarrad.

Most of the scouts weren't alive during the attacks, but scoutmasters say they have had plenty of education about 9/11.

"I wasn't alive yet, but I wish it didn't happen because all the sacrifices that were made," said Tansey.

Scout Zachary Konz was alive during the attacks, and he says it feels good to honor those whose lives were lost.

"I felt bad for all the people that lost that many loved ones, and then I felt bad for our country at first," said Konz. "Now, I really don't feel that bad anymore, because it just made us stronger," said Konz.

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