Joint military exercise takes place in Gulfport

Joint military exercise takes place in Gulfport

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Saturday was very special day for trainees at the Gulfport Combat Readiness Training Center.

"I call this one Patriot Mustang. It's a chance for us to show that we can grab something and go with it short notice; quick response with no information," said Air Force Master Sgt. Steve Martin.

In a exercise originally inspired by the Historical pony Express, members of the Air force Reserve unit and active duty members of the Navy learned skills that could potentially save lives.

"But it's to give us a chance to reach out to other units who need to train prepping their cargo," said Martin. "And we need users to show up to us so we can do our joint inspection, so we can do our planning, so we can do our up low team planning and our down low team planning," Martin added.

Trainees say they enjoy every bit of it.

"It feels amazing to be apart of this exercise today, because we don't get to do this often. Basically we work with other unit services too, the navy and their equipment. It's just an awesome experience. It feels like I'm living the dream," said trainee, Quangngoc Tran.

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