Long Beach Sisters Give "Locks Of Love"

Can you imagine donating more than three feet of your own hair to help children who suffer from cancer and other illnesses?

Two Long Beach girls are doing just that to help other kids.

"We going to cut off about 23, 22 and a half inches."

That's how much hair 8-year-old Lauren Carrubba is giving up for a good cause.

About a year ago Lauren heard about a program called Locks of Love.

"I got on the Internet and I search the web and I found Locks of Love and it showed the people who donated the hair and the people who got the hair and they seemed so happy."

But Lauren was not alone. She talked her 11-year-old sister Alicia into joining her.

"I'm pretty nervous, but it's a good thing to do, so we're happy," Alicia Carrubba said.

The girls' mother says she understands why her daughters were sympathetic to the needs of others.

"Children want to fit in, they want to look like their friends at school or their friends in the neighborhood," Eloise Carrubba said.

Now thanks to the Carrubba sisters, two little girls will have healthy, beautiful hair by way of the Locks of Love Foundation.