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Guessing Game Ends In One D'Iberville Race

David Thomas owns Auto-Hi-Fi in D'Iberville. He repairs and replaces factory car radios, but he says what really needs fixing is the election process in his city.

"I just thought it was a Mickey Mouse way of holding elections. You know, this is the 21st century and everybody has cell phones, I pods and personal computers and we're over here hand writing ballots and hand counting them."

Thomas says if the city had converted to voting machines, these boxes in the Democratic At-Large race wouldn't have to sit, waiting to be counted.

But the Democratic Executive Committee actually chose to put off counting the votes until after election day. One member admits she's received a few complaints.

"My mother complained and she was the one that got on me saying go ahead and see what the hold up is. We knew what the hold up was. It wasn't a hold up. It's a time slot that we chose," Donna Williams said.

Around noon, the committee finally unlocked the boxes and counted each ballot by hand. City Manager Richard Rose says the city chose the paper method to save money.

"We will check on the pricing again, and determine how we can rent the machines to see if electronic polling is the best way to go in the city of D'Iberville," Rose said.

David Thomas says if the election process gets a tune-up, he'll go the polls more often.

"At least it wasn't the chads. But it seems the chads were using some machine or some sort. I don't want to compare us with Florida, but I hope the best person comes out and wins."

Technically, members of the Democratic Executive Committee didn't have to count the votes Tuesday night. State law gives them two days after an election to finalize the tally.

By: Trang Pham-Bui

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