Scattered showers, storms, and waterspouts plague Labor Day weekend

Scattered showers, storms, and waterspouts plague Labor Day weekend

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - It has been a stormy holiday weekend across South Mississippi, keeping many indoors when they would rather be outside.

Boaters have had some of the biggest issues of all with the showers and storms that have been over the Mississippi Sound each day, with Sunday not being any different.

Sunday boaters encountered an additional issue other than just the showers and thunderstorms, and that came in the form of waterspouts.

Several viewers sent in photos and video of waterspouts located out by the barrier islands, where many like to spend their holiday weekend.

It caused many boaters to call it a day early, but can we expect similar weather for Labor Day itself?

Unfortunately, it appears another day of showers and storms will plague boaters and outdoor lovers on Labor Day.

Starting off the day it should be fairly dry, but showers and thunderstorms will build in during the late morning into the early afternoon.

Tomorrow, many of these showers and thunderstorms will be moving inland from the Mississippi Sound, which is just like what we saw today.

With showers and thunderstorms developing over the water our chances for waterspouts will continue to be in place for tomorrow.

Boaters should take caution out on the water by having a way to check the weather before they head out and while they are out there.

Remember to head indoors if you hear thunder roar or see lighting.

All of these showers and thunderstorms are occurring due to a stalled frontal boundary that is causing just enough of a disturbance to kick up some unsettled weather each afternoon.

For later this week, a ridge of high pressure builds in over South Mississippi leading to a few days with a 0 percent chance for rain and lower humidity, giving a little taste of Fall.

While the weather won't be perfect for Labor Day, the showers and storms will be scattered and not everyone will see rain.

If you have plans outdoors for Monday, keep them in place, but have alternate plans ready if a shower or storm pops up for your area.

If you have plans on the water the Mississippi Sound looks to have only a light chop, but remember that if you encounter a shower or thunderstorm it could make for more choppy conditions.

Have a great Labor Day!

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