Pascagoula Alumni award distinguished students with scholarships

Pascagoula Alumni award distinguished students with scholarships

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - "We have one core objective, one word: education. Education, education, education," said Wall of Fame Chairperson Brenda Miller Johnson.

That was the message the Pascagoula Negro/ Carver High School Alumni Association wanted to impart during their inaugural Wall of Fame Scholarship ceremony.

Members of the alumni association and the Wall of Fame donated funds to give 12 college students, and former Jackson County students, scholarship money.

"We have those who have given back to the community. We have a Mr. Moss Point HS, for instance. We have those who go to the homes of the elderly, and they clean their homes, they cook for them, they do yard work for them. I mean, how can you not recognize or at least say thank you?" said Johnson.

Scholarships ranged from $250 to the largest sum ever given out, $3,000. The big award went to University of Pittsburgh student Chantel Bonner, whose mother accepted on her behalf.

"You just don't know what we have gone through to get to this point here. I'm extremely excited, extremely happy for Chantel. I couldn't be more proud of Chantel than I am at this moment," said Shirley McEwen, Chantel's mother.

Although the alumni association has been awarding scholarships for years, it was the first year for the Wall Of Fame, a group of distinguished graduates from Carver High School; whose photos are proudly displayed inside the Aaron Jones Interactive Center

"Look at what you can accomplish if you put your heart and mind and soul in to it," said A. Jackie Elly, Alumni Association President.

Some of the scholarships included boxes of college essentials such as soap and toothpaste.

Scholarship recipients were: Chantel Bonner, Colions Cato, Jr., Jariel Davis, Felix Fornett, Jr., Kalyah Kennedy, Laterrica Moore, Matthew Pleasant, Brandon Schmitt, Tyler Simpson, Kamryn Tart, Bianca Thomas and KeShun Wells.

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