Welcome to meteorological fall

Welcome to meteorological fall

Welcome to the 1st day of Meteorological Fall!

Meteorologists mark the months of September, October, and November as fall months, mainly for record-keeping purposes.

By the end of this month, we typically get a noticeable cool down. Perhaps we'll be able to finally wake up to mornings in the 60s. In Biloxi, we typically say bye-bye to 90 degrees around late September.

"Last year, Biloxi cooled to 59 degrees in the middle of the month," WLOX First Alert Meteorologist Wesley Williams recalled. "It shows just how quickly things can cool down during this time of year when we start to see cold fronts move into the region."

The first day of meteorological fall is not the same thing as astrological fall... or the fall that everyone knows on the calendar. That official start to the calendar fall season arrives on the autumnal equinox which takes place on the 22nd of the month, this year.

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