Meteorologist turns to Facebook to find GoPro owner

Meteorologist turns to Facebook to find GoPro owner

BILOXI, MS (WLOX) - Barely the size of golf ball, GoPro cameras are known for capturing bigger than life imagery.

From snowboarding, to surfing - even strapping them on toddlers - people across the world are known to creatively tell stories. But, as one Coast man learned, they're also known to lose them.

WLOX News Now Meteorologist Andrew Wilson was taking a stroll on Deer Island when he happened to look down and find a GoPro along the shore. After taking a look at the memory card, which shows the exact moment the camera went under, it appears that the owner was a DJ.

The only problem? His name was unknown.

In order to find the owner, Andrew turned to Facebook. As the power of social media would have it, an ID was made in no time.

WLOX reached out to Rico Diaz, also known as DJ Rico, who was ecstatic about the good news. According to posts on his Facebook page, he dropped the camera in the water nearly four months ago while jet skiing with friends.

Diaz wrote, "This is pure amazement! I wanna say thank you so much for taking part in finding the owner of the go pro! I never thought I would see that camera again, thank you!!"

Andrew and Diaz are meeting Friday afternoon, tune in to WLOX News Now Friday evening for the reunion story.

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