National Nurses Week Honors Unsung Heroes

Theresa Wolfe works at Ocean Springs Hospital. She became a registered nurse a little over a year ago. Wolfe says she entered the profession because she likes taking care of people, and she cares about them. As a nurse, Wolfe does a variety of duties, like dispensing medication, bathing patients, and taking care of a lot of paperwork. Nurses serve as a liason between the doctor and the patient.

Many nurses say helping to relieve their patients' suffering is a rewarding experience. R.N. Ashley Trussell says there have been many times when she's been touched by patients. She enjoys being with them and helping their families cope with their illness. But the nurses say it's also a job, with its share of physical and mental challenges.

Theresa Wolfe says they are always on the go. One of the hardest things personally, is trying to help someone who doesn't want the medical help. Ashley Trussell says the job can be draining at times, but if she keeps her focus on her patients, things work out for the best.

Theresa Wolfe says some of these patients really appreciate the help they get from nurses. She says there are people who don't realize the mental strain nurses go through, because nurses really get involved in people's lives.

There are nearly 2.7 million nurses nationwide. 28,000 of them work in Mississippi. The Mississippi Nurses Association will honor 21 exceptional nurses at its annual convention in Biloxi, in October.

By: Trang Pham-Bui