Prepared food tax fails in Pascagoula; leaders speak out

Prepared food tax fails in Pascagoula; leaders speak out

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Residents of Pascagoula are speaking up about a prepared food tax that would have helped improve parks in the city.

The tax would have increased the price of prepared food in the city by 2 percent. Leaders estimated the boost would generate up to $1.2 million for citywide recreation.

However, only 56 percent of residents voted in favor of the tax hike, narrowly missing the required 60 percent to pass the measure.

Many say they think the public wasn't ready to cast ballots on the proposal.

"Well, I was really disappointed. I don't think it's a dead issue, I think that hopefully the Recreation Department and the city can bring this back up. I think that some of the comments on why people were against it were that they weren't really for sure what the money was going to go to, so maybe we need to do a better job getting the information out," said city manager Joe Huffman. "I appreciate those who came out, but I really do think Pascagoula could have done a better job of having more people turn out. We didn't have enough people turn out."

The city council will meet again on Tuesday to discuss a re-vote, or to find other ways to find revenue for the parks.

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