Pascagoula Chief: 'I would have done the same thing'

DASHCAM VIDEO: Pascagoula officers pull over Moss Point's police chief

JACKSON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Pascagoula Police Chief Kenny Johnson is standing by his decision not to arrest Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung after he was pulled over for speeding,and reportedly admitted to drinking and driving.

"In the exact same scenario with the information I had to deal with at the time, absolutely. I would have done the same thing," Johnson told WLOX News Now.

In dash cam video from the traffic stop, Pascagoula officers can be heard discussing McClung's level of intoxication, saying, "He's toast....he's DUI".

"Based on the fact that I was told he had had a couple of drinks, I told them to go ahead and drive him so that there was no chance we were putting anybody on the road with an undetermined level of intoxication," Johnson noted.

The police chief admits McClung received special treatment during the incident.

"Was this incident treated special? Certainly. Do I get phone calls on everybody that officers stop who may be suspected of DUI or any other crime? No," said Johnson.

According to Chief Johnson, Chief McClung was traveling east on a stretch of highway when he was clocked traveling over 100 mph, which in most cases, would be considered reckless driving.

Although the Moss Point alderman voted to suspend McClung, Johnson says his department has no intentions of doing any further investigation at this time.

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