Moss Point residents say chief's traffic stop 'shows favoritism'

DASHCAM VIDEO: Pascagoula officers pull over Moss Point's police chief

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point city leaders, who were holding a budget meeting Tuesday evening, went into executive session to discuss a July 29 traffic stop involving Moss Point Chief Art McClung in Pascagoula. City leaders decided to suspended the police chief without pay until an investigation into what happened is completed.

"I saw the video," said Mayor Billy Broomfield, who pointed out that the suspension is only based on the video at this point. "Based on what we've seen, which is all we have, we have not received any legal certification or confirmation from anybody other than what we all have read or seen in the papers."

The future of Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung's job at the department is unclear.

"The board has agreed to suspend Chief Art McClung without pay until this investigation is concluded," said Broomfield.

Pascagoula police said on July 29, 2016, McClung was stopped in Pascagoula for speeding. Police said he admitted to officers he had a few mixed drinks. However, McClung denies that telling WLOX News Now, "I'm never impaired. I would never put myself in that position."

With no charges or reports being filed, many Moss Point citizens are saying if the tables were turned the outcome wouldn't be the same.

"When I get stopped by the police, they take me to jail. They don't take me home," said Moss Point resident Robert Henderson.

"Oh I'm going to jail. I'm going to jail," said Moss Point Terry Roberts, imagining himself in a similar situation as the chief.

"If the stories are true that he didn't get cited, he should have been cited from drinking and driving definitely. I don't think that's right. I think that shows favoritism," said Raphael Patterson.

Still, the residents we spoke with said they like the work Chief McClung is doing in the city and they hope city leaders make the right decision.

"I don't think anybody should lose their job for making a mistake. I think he should just be reprimanded and apologize to the public for what he did and move on," said Patterson.

"We need a police chief in Moss Point. He seemed to be doing a pretty good job," said Henderson.

McClung told WLOX News Now that he contacted Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield immediately after the incident, and told him what happened.

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