Friede Workers Face Another Round Of Layoffs

Hundreds more workers in Jackson County are looking for jobs after Friede Goldman Halter announced another round of layoffs.

This is the company's second round of layoffs this year and the latest in Friede's struggle to stay afloat.

The company filed bankruptcy last month. Friede has suspended work on three major projects because of contract disputes.

"These highly unprofitable contracts caused substantial losses to the company and led to the Company's recent Chapter 11 filings," a statement from the company said.

The latest layoffs impact the north yard in Pascagoula. There is a possibility of being called back once the contract disputes are settled. Despite that, workers at the Unemployment Office in Pascagoula say the office was a busy place.

"We were pretty much swamped with familiar faces from Friede Goldman," case worker Mike Upkinds said.

Around 100 laid off Friede workers made the Unemployment Office their first stop after getting the news. Marsha Taylor was one of them.

"It's been a rough one, it's been rough one. Out of all the lay-offs, this is the first one that hit me," she said.

Marsha says everyone at the shipyard heard rumors and knew something was going to happen.

"You hear so many different tid bits, but you can't really go on that, but they said they were closing it down today and clean the yard out."

"It wasn't any surprise. We knew about this a couple months ago, and we were just waiting," Dwight Harper, another laid-off worker, said.

Friede employees say in the past they knew the company would call them back. But this time most are planning to permanently move on because of all the company's recent financial problems.

"I don't think most people are going to come back," Harper said. "They're going to find them a job that they can stay with that is pretty stable."

Case workers expect to stay busy the rest of the week as more than three hundred laid off workers trickle in to the unemployment office.