Moss Point police chief suspended after video of police stop surfaces

DASHCAM VIDEO: Pascagoula officers pull over Moss Point's police chief

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - Moss Point aldermen voted Tuesday evening to suspend Police Chief Art McClung following the release of police dashcam video from a stop in Pascagoula where he was allegedly speeding and driving under the influence. Although McClung wasn't charged with any crime, city leaders voted to suspend him without pay while they investigate the incident.

Officers in the video can be heard saying McClung was clocked driving 109mph, and that the chief admitted to officers at the scene that he had three drinks before getting behind the wheel of a city vehicle. Despite all that, McClung wasn't cited or arrested.

"This is ridiculous," McClung told WLOX News Now about the allegations. "Yes, I got pulled over. This isn't even a story. I was stopped by Pascagoula, and I was released.  People get pulled over every day."

McClung said he told Moss Point Mayor Billy Broomfield about the incident shortly after it happened a month ago. When asked about reportedly driving 109 mph, McClung chuckled and said, "Where they got this 109 I don't know.  Their radars are wrong.  I didn't drive no 109."

"I'm never impaired," the chief said when we asked him about the allegations. "I would never put myself in that position."

Following the traffic stop, Pascagoula Police Chief Kenny Johnson told officers to drive McClung home, because based on a phone call with him at the time of the stop, he sounded fine. Johnson released this statement Tuesday evening:

On July 29 around 7:30 p.m., Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung was stopped by Pascagoula police for speeding. During the stop, Chief McClung told the officers he had a couple of mixed drinks earlier. The officer called for a supervisor, and the supervisor called me. We made a decision not to pursue the matter further, and in an abundance of caution, I instructed the supervisor have one of our officers drive Chief McClung to his home.

But officers on the scene paint a much different picture. One officer on the scene is heard saying, "He's obviously DUI, and he's toast. He knows it, too."

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