Action Report: Homeowners say Lucedale contractor takes money and leaves

Action Report: Homeowners say Lucedale contractor takes money and leaves

VANCLEAVE, MS (WLOX) - Brandon Walker says he hired Nu Look Construction in March of 2015 to build a shop in his Vancleave backyard. He said he paid Nu Look owner Tommy Dossett $8,500.

"I paid him the first installment, and after I paid him the installment, he drove away and he never came back," said Walker.

In May, Walker said after his attorney contacted Dossett, Dossett paid a portion of the money back.

"He brought $3,000 back, but still owes me $5,500," Walker claims.

Walker says he'll have to spend additional money to finish building his shop, which is still under construction in his back yard.

"It's probably going to be anywhere from $15,000 to $20,000 for me to finish it, "Walker said.

Chad Brown, of Long Beach, says he hired Pro Construction in June to build a shop. Brown said he gave Dossett $8,500 to start construction.

"After they got the second draw on it, we lost all contact with him," said Brown. "He kind of took the money and ran. So, what turned out to be an $18,600 project has basically doubled in price. He's kind of left us hanging."

I checked with the Mississippi Better Business Bureau. It gives Nu Look Construction an "F" rating.

Dossett has changed the company name at least three times, from Nu Look Construction to Pro Construction to Dossett Building.

After I left a message for Dossett to give me call, he did.

He said he was no longer in business but promised to pay back the homeowners. When I asked him how he was going to pay back the money since he closed the business, he said he was working in Georgia.

Dossett couldn't give me a reason why he took the money and didn't return to complete the jobs.

"You act like I did this to 20 people," Dossett said.

I told him it was wrong to take money and not complete a job that was paid for, even if it was only one person.

"I'm not saying I'm not guilty, but I will pay them back," said Dossett.

Before you hire a contractor, remember to do a complete background check.

"We didn't do a thorough check on him, and looking back on it, I wish we did," said Brown.

If you want to hire a contractor, always check with the Better Business Bureau and with the Mississippi State Board of Contractors. Both organizations have excellent websites where you can type in a company name and get instant results.

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