Double Duty For Dahl At Beau, Gold Strike

Jeff Dahl stood on some steps overlooking the Beau Rivage pool. He was thinking about his new dual responsibilities.

"It's challenging," the Beau Rivage President said.

Dahl now wears two hats. He runs Beau Rivage. And a week ago, he became Gold Strike's C.E.O up in Tunica County. According to Dahl, he's up for the challenge.

"I think it's a unique opportunity to really take full advantage of the fact that we have now two operations in the state of Mississippi," he said.

When Beau Rivage's parent company officially bought the Mandalay Bay group last week, the Biloxi casino and Gold Strike became sister resorts.

"It really puts us in a very advantageous situation. And I think it's going to work really well," thought Dahl.

"We're now partnered with another very, very large hotel, almost 1,200 rooms at the Tunica property, along with our nearly 1,800 rooms here. That's a very strong presence in the regional market."

So how will one man run two casinos on opposite ends of the state? Dahl admits it won't be easy.

That's why he promoted some of his Biloxi employees, so they could run Gold Strike's day-to-day operations in typical Beau Rivage fashion.

"We want to take that same concept, and make sure it works at Gold Strike," the casino president said.

Dahl also established an eight man shared services team to go back and forth between Biloxi and Tunica County.

"We have to do a lot to bring the quality of that property up to sort of the MGM Mirage level," said Dahl, referring to the Gold Strike property.

In order to improve the property, Dahl will criss-cross the state a lot.

In his dual role, he'll oversee Tunica renovations. And he'll create new marketing partnerships that should help business blossom at both resorts.

"It gives us direct access into markets that we really don't have a big presence in," said Dahl, specifically referring to Missouri and Illinois.

"I think it benefits Beau Rivage, which therefore benefits Biloxi."

Beau Rivage's owners paid almost eight billion dollars to buy the Mandalay Resort group. The new MGM Mirage company owns 24 hotels and casinos in Mississippi, Nevada and Michigan.