Dozens of rescued dogs looking for homes in Hancock County

Dozens of rescued dogs looking for homes in Hancock County

HANCOCK COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Sounds of loneliness can be heard right outside the Hancock County Animal Shelter. Those sounds have grown even louder after more than 30 animals were rescued from a Hancock County home.

"We had been working with the elderly couple with the intentions of having them surrender 10 to a dozen animals a week," said Bay St. Louis Animal Control Officer Dorty Necaise.

However, after one-half of that elderly couple died, Bay St. Louis Animal Control had to seize all the animals from the home at once. Officer Necaise said the couple had the best intentions, but just couldn't keep up with the demands of dozens of dogs.

"Yes if you had the best intentions and thought you were doing the right thing, and it got out of hand, we are here to help. We're not here to chastise, we're not here to demonize, we're here to help," said Officer Necaise.

Even though some of the dogs rescued from the home have been adopted from the Hancock County Animal Shelter,  several dogs are still looking for a forever home.

For a fee of $75, you can adopt any dog at the animal shelter regardless of size. The price includes the cost of vaccinations as well as spay and neuter treatments.

Even if you can't adopt, you can lend your time to these animals by volunteering.

"If you can only come in for an hour, you can take a dog for a walk. You can pick up a puppy and play with it, you can bathe an animal," said Officer Necaise.

So far two dogs have been adopted, while another one has been selected for a foster home.

Those who are interested in adopting an animal can contact the Hancock County Animal Shelter.

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