Educators at Stone Middle School host first responders

Educators at Stone Middle School host first responders
Students are learning what it's like to be a first responder. (Photo source: WLOX News)

STONE COUNTY, MS (WLOX) - Stone Middle School students are being treated to a different kind of learning experience.

"It means a whole lot because we get to experience what firefighters experience," student Tinesha Roberts said excitedly.

Roberts wants to be a police officer when she grows up, so learning what it takes to be a first responder is right up her alley.

"To get to be a firefighter from our point of view, to get to dress up like one, it's just so exciting," she noted.

Seventh grader Kira Walsworth said she's also happy to have a day like this at her school, since her stepfather is a police officer.

"I guess some kids have never been around cops and they think they're bad and they just come and get them. But really they do good and they just help the world become a better place," Walsworth said.

Tanya Adams with Stone Middle School said students learned two valuable life lessons: The importance of physical fitness beyond P.E. class and fostering good relationships with law enforcement.

"They can sit there and speak freely and have something fun to talk about with our first responders, our different groups, and therefore it's not, 'hey you need to be doing this, you need to be doing that, follow the rules,' it's something fun," Adams said.

Among the activities students will participate in as part of this "Blue and Red Fitness Week," competing to see who can get the firefighters uniforms on the fastest, just like the firefighters do.

Adams said she put together these activities as a thank you as well as a learning experience for each of her students.

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