Have we truly recovered from Katrina?

Have we truly recovered from Katrina?

SOUTH MISSISSIPPI (WLOX) - The images of August 29, 2005 will never be forgotten. The Mississippi coastline as we know it was washed away by a storm surge that defied logic. Hurricane Katrina hit Biloxi's Point Cadet especially hard. The area still sits mostly empty 11 years later.

At the Slavonian Lodge, rebuilt after the storm, Point long timers gather for breakfast. What do they think?  Matthew Dubaz is the president of the lodge.

"We miss it. All of us grew up on the Point. My grandparents, a lot of people here today, they're grandparents. A gentleman here today, he lived here and got washed out," Dubaz recalled.

On the rebuilt Biloxi-Ocean Springs bridge, hundreds exercise every day. It's definitely an improvement over the old bridge for Oie Godwin.

"I think it's better right now. It's better than before, but the going is slow. But I think better than before," Godwin said.

Martha Brumfield walks her dog in Ocean Springs. She has mixed feelings about Katrina.

"We did not get the impact that they did in Biloxi, and Gulfport and over in Waveland. But I think in many ways we're better than we were. It's taken a long time," Brumfield said.

Everyone we talked with on this Katrina anniversary agreed on one thing: The storm did change us.

Dick Walters is enjoying a morning chat with his son, visiting from out of town, and he agrees.

"I don't think the coast will ever recover from Katrina. I think there's not as many people here. A lot of people moved out, businesses moved out. But we're recovering," Walters said.

Others still are optimistic about the future.

"Overall, I think we're doing a lot better," Steve Perez said. "Things have grown for the better. And people have really come together over the past several years since the storm, and I think we're working better together."

Monday's anniversary was low key, with only a few events on the coast held to remember the storm.

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