Ocean Springs alderman no longer supports change

Ocean Springs alderman no longer supports change

Following a change of heart, Alderman Mike Impey now says he no longer supports changing the city's style of government to a city-manager council form.

Impey took to Facebook earlier in the week saying he initially thought it would be a good idea due to the fiscal benefits it might provide to the city.

However, Impey now says move may not be in the best interest of the citizens because the change would include a cost for with a special election. That money would come from the general fund.

Impey also says the move would reduce the number of aldermen and redrawing ward lines, which would take a lot of time and effort; dramatically increasing the area an alderman's ward covers.

"It is crucial for the person representing citizens in the city to live in the same area as those they represent to better understand the issues facing these people," said Impey.

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