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Upcoming Movie To Raise AIDS Awareness Among Teens Needs Actors

Movie stars are being made right here on Coast and but the roles they'll play are anything but glamorous.

"The Longest Hours" is an original film where the main characters are teenagers dealing with the possibility that they may be infected with the HIV virus.

On Sunday, filmmakers went looking for talented actors who could capture their vision on screen.

Fifteen-year-old Keegan Westover believes many young people don't take the threat of the Aids seriously. He hopes to help change that by landing a role in an upcoming movie.

"I think it's important to tell everybody, all the teenagers out there how Aids can really ruin your life," said Westover.

Filmmakers are looking for actors who can best capture the spirit of the "The Longest Hours."

It's a fictional story that spans the time between taking an HIV/Aids test and getting the results.

Remale James is both writer and director.

"I think that's the whole point of writing is making it challenging. If its challenging to do then it's going to probably be more engaging to the viewer. Since we're going after teens it has catch them and hook them. It can't be predictable. Even though you think you know what's going to go on, you really don't," says James.

Although the movie targets a younger audience, seasoned actor Richard Sauer says it can be an eye opener for both teens and their parents.

"I have some teenaged kids who as they get older and get involved with dating other people I just think it's important for them to know the importance of being safe and being careful," said Sauer.

The true story of a 13-year-old girl infected with HIV was put on screen last year in the movie "The Invisible Truth" using a grant given to the South Mississippi Aids Task Force. To keep quality high and expenses down, actors in both films are community volunteers.

"It's important to bring people in locally so they can learn something about what's going on in this community and also be involved in trying to help with the problem," said James.

The movie which will be shown at schools and seminars will be shot the first week in June. Auditions will continue next Saturday at the South Mississippi Aids task Force from one until three in the afternoon.

By: Danielle Thomas

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