Attorney for Moss Point store owner: 'Wait for facts'

Attorney for Moss Point store owner: 'Wait for facts'

MOSS POINT, MS (WLOX) - The attorney for the store owner who reportedly shot a man is speaking out after residents announced an upcoming protest.

While the store owner - whose name has not been released - has not been charged with a crime, attorney Dustin Thomas says the owner of Moss Point Express is anxious for 'the truth to come out.'

Shortly after the shooting, Moss Point Police Chief Art McClung said a grand jury will review all the evidence in the case to determine if charges will be filed.

"I want everyone to wait until the facts come out. Police are still investigating and everything will go to the grand jury," Thomas said.

According to Thomas, the man shot had been told not to return to the Moss Point Express following multiple incidents prior to the Aug. 22 shooting.

"In the state of Mississippi, once you've told somebody not come back and they do, you can charge them with trespassing," Thomas explained.

Thomas is concerned the store owner is being cast the villain by comments made by people interviewed in the media, and with online with comments about boycotting or closing the store.

"It is unfortunate to read that some who want attention openly state that a Moss Point business should close. Moss Point does not need businesses to close, especially those that have remained in Moss Point for years," Thomas said in part in a statement to WLOX News Now.

Thomas says his client is aware of a protest planned outside the store Monday.

"We would hope that those planning such a protest would wait for facts before inciting others," Thomas said.

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