Step Back In Time At The Ocean Springs Renaissance Festival

The music takes you back some six hundreds years to a time in history known as the renaissance.

"Renaissance is a period of awakening and enlightenment and education. We in Ocean Springs as well as St. John' Episcopal Church are all about enlightenment and education," Event coordinator Sonia Cowart says.

But for the hobby enthusiasts at today's festival, enlightenment and education are far from their minds.

Dressing up and playing the part is more like a get-away.

"They enjoy the fantasy of coming and being someone different for a day or two then go back to their normal lives," Hobbyist George Ashbaugh says.

For this day to day computer programmer, stepping into renaissance clothing and into the jousting arena means stepping into the role of Allyn Duke of Salisbury.

"We all have to be something in life. As long as you have to be something, it's best to be king," Allyn Duke of Salisbury says.

Gulfport resident and Baron Daphane of Colchester enjoys the hobby so much she says when she's not at work at the Isle of Capris, she's in costume.

"In our home when we moved in we had to build extra closets just for our costumes. If you go into our house, you'll see books on clothing, fighting. You'll go to see scrolls on the walls, lanterns. A little bit of everything they used back then," Baron Daphane of Colchester says.

"I was born 400 years too lat," Allyn Duke of Salisbury says.

That is the truth for many in attending the festival They look to the renaissance not only for education and entertainment, but also for tips on how to better live their lives today.

"It teaches us to be more conscience of being more chivalrous, more giving, to make sure we don't take things for granted,"Elyen Heath says.