Rebuilding Together Program Helps Out South Mississippian In Need

"Bad pipes in the house. We ain't got no gas. We're using space heaters."

That's how 40 year Pass Christian resident Victor Brown discribes the state of repair of his home. Brown is used to sagging floors, a leaking roof, and bad wiring, in his 150 year old house, but he's not used to this much company and activity on a rainy Saturday morning.

"Yeah they're doing a whole lot and I'm staying out of their way," says the 64 year old..

In fact Brown says this crew from Rebuilding Together is doing so much for him he feels he owes them more than his thanks.

"Weather they're working of not they can come back anytime they want, says Brown. "I'll get in that back yard and cook up a big old pot of turkey necks and potato's and stuff for them. I was going to do that today but it rained."

But this crew has has already earned their dinner as one of the crews tacking minor and major repair projects going at more than two dozen sites in Harrison and Hancock Counties.

"We're working with people who have a lot of pride in themselves, in their homes and their ownership and through circumstances beyond their control they not able to do for themselves anymore, says Gene Reed, President of Rebuilding Together.

And at Victor's house, a lot needs doing.

"It had electricity but what was in here was probably 30 years old and it was way outdated," says Project Coordinator Bob Hughey. We're going back in with new supports, new flooring, going to put some new tile in and put them a new counter top and a new sink in here."

"He's lived a long time in this house without hot water, says House Captain Wade Allred.

Roof work is the task for the next dry day, and adding heat and air is a goal for the future.

"We're still looking for someone to help us out so he can have heat in the house," say Allred.

But a cold rain can't dampen the warm feeling their efforts have kindled in the man they call Pop's."

"I love them to death, says Brown with tears welling up. "I'm serious, I love them to death."