1,200 Friends And Family Gather To Say Goodbye To Moss Point Teen

The family and friends of a Moss Point teen who died in an auto accident earlier this week laid 17 year old to rest Saturday.

Aaron Leevan Blackmon was killed when his vehicle flipped over on Interstate 10 in Mobile.

Those who knew Blackmon called it a joy to know him.

Blackmon's funeral had to be held at the Moss Point High School gym because his church couldn't hold all those who wanted to attend.

In all, more than 1,200 of Blackmon's friends and family members came out to say good bye to him.

Many of them wore T-shirts with Aaron Blackmon's face on them.

"Looking at all the people that's shown up, you can see that he was really loved and he will always be loved," says Blackmon's cousin Ashley Watson.

Blackmon's father Elder Larry Blackmon stood by his son's casket comforting those in need of a shoulder to cry on.

Miosha Pharr says being there for others was Aaron's specialty as well.

"If it was a joke, a song or anything he'd just do anything to pick you up," says Pharr. "Anything he could do to help out he was willing to do it."

Those who knew Blackmon say his personality is what made him so special.

"He was laid back, he never argued, never fussed or fight," says friend Chutney Walley.

"When he came around it made the atmosphere real pleasant, he was a very loving person," says classmate Ashley Macklin.

"When he would come in to class he was never angry or nothing," she said.

Not surprisingly, Aaron's death was difficult for his young friends to accept.

"It really hurt," says Pharr.

"It hurt to lose somebody so loving and who did nothing to nobody," says Pharr.

"It was real heartbreaking to lose such a good person and it's hard, but we have to move on," said Walley.

All his friends and family say they will move on because that's what he would have wanted them to do.