Coast man reaches his 'cross country' walking goal

Coast man reaches his 'cross country' walking goal

LONG BEACH, MS (WLOX) - More and more people are walking or riding their bikes across the country, usually to raise money for a cause. But one South Mississippi man is doing it in his own way, for his health. He's proving it's never too late to make a change.

Floyd Ray knew he needed to do something.  At 69, he was sedentary and had no energy.

"I couldn't walk out of my truck to my house without having to sit down. I was gonna die."

But Floyd was determined not to let that happen. So three years ago, he visited a local gym in his hometown of Long Beach. In order to become healthier and feel better, he set a goal for himself: He wanted to walk the distance between Santa Monica, California and Jacksonville, Florida (2,445 miles) in three years on a treadmill.

He recently reached that goal, and Beau Vie Fitness celebrated his accomplishment with fanfare and prizes.

In the process of walking almost every day, Floyd has lost more than 30 pounds. But more importantly to him than the weight loss, he feels better and has a lot more energy.

"I got up this morning and cut three acres of grass, and then I went to the beach and I walked a mile, and now I'm here."

Now he says he wants to let other people know that it's never too late to improve their health and quality of life.

"Get off the sofa, get off the recliner, and go move. Anything. Walking, bike riding, just move. Because it'll shorten your life span if you don't."

Floyd isn't stopping now that he has reached his goal. He will continue to walk, and has another goal he says he hasn't quite settled on, but he knows it will involve a bicycle.

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