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Wall of dust hits the Valley

Dust storm makes its way through the Valley. (Source: Mike Olbinski) Dust storm makes its way through the Valley. (Source: Mike Olbinski)
(Source: ADOT) (Source: ADOT)
(Source: Mike Fisher) (Source: Mike Fisher)
The wall of dust moved through Tempe. (Source: Satya Mahapatra) The wall of dust moved through Tempe. (Source: Satya Mahapatra)
(Source: Brian van Kleef) (Source: Brian van Kleef)
MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -

A wall of dust came barreling through the southeast Valley on Sunday. Visibility was down to a quarter of a mile or less. 

Dust storm warnings are now expired.

The storm came and went in a pretty spectacular fashion, leaving us with some great photos and a thin layer of dust on all the cars in its path.

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"You know when I was a kid we just called them dust storms. Now I guess they call them haboobs," said Bradford Bohonus, a local photographer.

Whatever you call them, the cloud seemed to swallow planes coming into Sky Harbor, and blanketed the downtown skyline.

“It's like out of a movie. It gives everything a brown hue," said Daniel Nava, who watched the storm roll in.

The cloud kept some drivers off the road, but got some photography enthusiasts, like Bohonus, out of their homes.

"I saw it and I grabbed my camera for shooting 360 panoramas and tried to get down here as quick as I could," he said.

[RAW VIDEO: Drone view of Sunday's dust storm]

Only a few areas in the Valley saw rain:

  • Tempe       .67"
  • Maryvale    .49"
  • Glendale    .24"
  • Mesa         .12"
  • Chandler    .02"

Chandler saw wind gusts of 38 miles per hour while wind gusts topped out at 35 miles per hour at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport and Sky Harbor. There were 32-miles-per-hour wind gusts at Mesa's Falcon Field. 

That wind diverted about 30 flights to Sky Harbor International Airport and canceled six more. Operations are back to normal.

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    If you run into a severe dust storm, reduce the speed of your vehicle immediately and drive carefully off the highway. After you are off the paved portion of the roadway, turn off your vehicle's lights to ensure other cars do not follow you off the road and hit your vehicle. Wait until the dust storm has passed before getting back on the highway. If you are walking or riding your bike, get inside quickly or seek shelter.

    Here are some other tips to help drivers safely maneuver through the Valley during a monsoon storm: 

    • Reduce speed and turn on driving lights
    • Pull off the roadway

    After you are completely off the traveled portion of the roadway:

    • Turn off driving lights.
    • Keep your car radio on.
    • If you are on the freeway, leave the freeway at an exit ramp, if possible. 
    • Wait until visibility is at least 300 feet before re-entering the roadway.
    • Heavy rain may follow the dust storm.

    If you see a dust storm forming in the distance, exit the roadway immediately.

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