Coast family collecting donations for Louisiana Flooding Victims

Coast family collecting donations for Louisiana Flooding Victims

PASS CHRISTIAN, MS (WLOX) - Several local companies are coming together with residents to help victims of the recent Louisiana floods with one goal in mind: help every single person they come across.

A South Mississippi family is uniting with Brandon's ATV and Operation Relief, and accepting all types of donations in front of Neco's Supermarket.

"We just put it together and things just started becoming unbelievable. When we started I didn't think it was gonna be as big as it's turned out," said organizer Bobby Beech.

The event is turning out to be quite big, collecting thousands of supplies, food, and clothing.

"A company out of Pass Christian volunteered to pull it over for us Monday, so we'll be leaving out Monday morning around 9 o'clock," said Bobby.

So far, the Beech family has packed nearly three trailers to be taken to Louisiana come Monday morning. One of the family members says it's all reminiscent of what happened during Hurricane Katrina.

"I just remember Katrina, and all the disaster that we had all the help that we had, and I feel like we're repaying and helping others with the stuff that we needed,' said Shelby Beech.

Donations will continue to be accepted before Sunday evening at Brandon's ATV shop.

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